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Blue Sky Golf Rentals are specialists in delivering golf equipment direct to your accommodation whilst you are golfing abroad. They have first class golf equipment from top suppliers such as Taylor Made, Titleist, PING, Mizuno, Wilson and Powakaddy.

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From Jack Montgomeries book The Real Tenerife: Sitting 1300 km south of mainland Spain and 300 km off the coast of West Africa in the middle of the seven major islands that make up the Canarian Archipelago, Tenerife is the most populous and one time capital of the Canary Islands. It was created by volcanic eruptions between 7 and 12 million years ago and after Hawaii, is the highest volcanic island on the planet, rising to 3718 metres at the magnificent peak of Mount Teide; Spain’s highest mountain, the globe’s third highest volcano and enduring symbol of the island.

Speaking of bikes, you can rent them from several hire companies in Alicante, including Blue Bike Rental & Tours. Bike hire includes a map with local routes and tips, a lock and lights, and you can even arrange for your bike to be delivered to your hotel. The company also runs guided tours with a beer and tapas included.

From Jack Montgomeries book The Real Tenerife: Fiercely protective of their heritage, Tinerfeños of every age know the words to their traditional songs, the steps to their traditional dances and own a ‘mago’ or traditional costume. Far from shunning old, outdated ideas, it’s predominantly the young who participate in the fiestas which commemorate, celebrate and preserve their heritage, finding any excuse to don the costume and roam the streets amidst traditional bands of ‘Parrandas’. Go along to a teenage party and you’re just as likely to hear Los Sabandeños as Muse. In the bars and golf clubs it’s not UK and US chart sounds that dominate, it’s Cuban hip hop, Reggaeton and Latino, an audible link to Tenerife’s Latin American pulse which has been 400 years in the making and which beats its way through the food, the music, the language and of course, Carnaval.

From Jack Montgomeries book The Real Tenerife: 1494 – City of Santa Cruz founded by Alonso Fernández de Lugo who then leads his troops into an ambush and is soundly thrashed by the spears and stones of primitive warriors; Tenerife 1 – Spain 0.

The existing terminal 2, named the Ruiz Picasso Terminal was finalised in November 1991 after the famous artist Pablo Picasso whose birthplace was Malaga.  It connected the old terminal 1 and by 1995 included a huge car park building which included an area for hire cars.

From Jack Montgomeries book The Real Tenerife: A few quiet bars and no golf clubs, but with 80 fiestas, short film seasons, jazz weekends, world music festivals and cinema on the beach taking place throughout the year, who needs them?